Energy Mad was formed in 2004 by Tom Mackenzie and Chris Mardon with the aim of getting five energy saving Ecobulbs® into 50% of homes in New Zealand in order to "save all the electricity used by Christchurch homes!".

Teaming up with Line Trust South Canterbury and Foodstuffs supermarket stores, Energy Mad implemented the world leading South Canterbury "Ecobulb® project" in late 2004. In six weeks, 66% of South Canterbury homes each brought five or more Ecobulbs®.

Since then, Energy Mad has implemented 37 Ecobulb® projects throughout New Zealand, with Ecobulbs® installed in 57% of New Zealand homes. These projects involved the Electricity Commission, power and consumer trusts, the largest electricity retail and distribution companies in New Zealand, Foodstuffs (the largest supermarket chain in New Zealand) and Shell New Zealand.

Energy Mad was New Zealand's fastest growing company in 2007 with 2,746% growth.

Globally, Energy Mad has implemented 80 Ecobulb projects with electricity utilities and various retail partners. Outside of New Zealand, these projects have included Australia, the United States (in partnership with Walgreens, the world's second largest retail chain - where Energy Mad bulbs are sold in almost 8,000 Walgreens stores), Germany, Spain and Ireland.

Energy Mad now have a goal to “Save enough electricity to power New Zealand for a year!”

With 2.9 million homes in 14 countries now having Energy Mad Ecobulbs, with these Ecobulbs saving $4.1 Billion in electricity, Energy Mad is 40% of the way to achieving this goal.