Brent Wheeler

Brent Wheeler

Independent Non-Executive Chairman, Dunedin, New Zealand

Brent Wheeler has a Ph.D in Economic Geography from the University of     Otago and has worked in Universities, local government, OECD assignments   and in the N.Z. Treasury.  He is Executive Chair of governance advisory firm The Boardroom Practice.  He has worked with BNZ Agri Partners, BNZ Private Bank and the BNZ Growth programme for some years providing governance training.

His work is evenly split between several chair and director roles, capital markets valuation, corporate finance and training in New Zealand and Asia and his work as Chief Equities Strategist for a US equities investment fund.

Brent is actively researching and writing on improving board performance to improve company and organisation performance. This work focuses on succession, family business boards and capital structures.

He is currently Chair of The Boardroom Practice Limited, Fertco Limited, a niche fertiliser manufacturer, and Director of Go Rentals (Auckland) Limited, a tourism operator.