Spiral Safety Information

Mercury Content

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) rely on a small amount of mercury to work (the mercury is used to create ultraviolet light inside the tube, which in turn reacts with the phosphor coating inside the tube to create visible light). Although the use of mercury is a highly emotive subject, it's also important to maintain an objective perspective.

Much as we would like to, we are not able to do away with it completely. Instead, we have worked hard to minimise its use and Ecospirals® feature some of the industry's lowest mercury content. We have also opted to use mercury in an amalgam form in all the Ecospirals® designed for general lighting purposes. The amalgam is solid at room temperature and is generally much more stable than the liquid mercury used inside thermometers and some other CFLs. Furthermore, in most Ecospirals® the amalgam is trapped inside the end of the tube, thereby further reducing the risk of it entering the renvironment when a bulb is accidentally broken.

Another less well known fact is that using Ecospirals® instead of incandescent bulbs has the net effect of actually reducing the mercury in the environment. This is because coal-fired electricity plants release more mercury into the air over the life of bulb than the amount of mercury contained in the bulb. And arguably just as importantly, the mercury released by these stations is non-recoverable and more damaging to the environment. (For further information click here.)

Disposal and Recycling

Responsible disposal of energy efficient light bulbs is considered a top priority for Energy Mad.

The primary hazard associated with broken Ecospirals® is broken glass, so be sure to wear gloves when collecting any fragments. It is also advisable to let the room air for 15 minutes prior to cleaning up any breakages. Broken bulbs fragments should be swept into a bag (NOT VACUUMED) and again taken to your local refuse station for recycling.

Ecospirals® sold for residential lighting purposes are covered by a 2 year warranty. Any Ecospirals® that are damaged in transit or that fail within that period can be returned to the retailer and exchanged for a new Ecospiral®.


Fire Risk

Energy Mad has sold over 10 million Ecospirals® and there are no known cases of Ecospirals® being linked to fires or identified as a fire hazard.

During normal use an Ecospiral® generates significantly less heat than an ordinary incandescent light bulb, thereby actually making it less of a potential fire hazard under normal operating conditions.

There have, over the past few years, been some reports in the media about the potential hazards from energy saving light bulbs. Some of the articles have referred to ecobulbs as a generic name for energy saving light bulbs, or compact fluorescent tubes (CFLs). Energy Mad Ltd would like to take this opportunity to assure all customers that Ecospiral® energy saving light bulbs have been tested to and meet stringent product safety standards.

At Energy Mad, we have invested a considerable amount of time and effort into developing an energy saving light bulb that provides class leading levels of performance and meets all mandatory safety requirements. As further evidence of our confidence in the Ecospiral® brand of energy saving light bulbs, all Ecospiral® light bulbs are provided with a two year warranty.