• Ecobulb 9W LED Downlight Dimmable

    Ecobulb 9W LED Downlight Dimmable

    Ultra long life downlight suitable for retrofit replace for traditional downlights and new build energy efficient lighting.

    Colour: Warm white light, 3000K
    Light output: 500 Lumens
    Average Lifetime: 40,000Hr
    Dimmable: Yes
    Dimmable Range: 10% to 100%
    Warranty: 2 Years 
    Beam Angle: 90°

    Product Information

    • Replaces up to 100W incandescent downlights and up to 50W halogen downlights 
    • Lasts up to 40 times longer (40,000 hours or 40 years at the average usage) than the old bulbs in the downlights it replaces
    • Uses up to 90% less electricity
    • Can be fully insulated over, reducing the energy to heat that room by two-thirds compared to the old downlights it replaces
    • Saves up to $3,017* electricity and heating energy over its 40,000 hour lifetime when insulated over 
    • Gives instant full light output that is comparable to the old bulbs in the downlights it replaces
    • Operates much cooler than the old bulbs in the downlights it replaces

    * includes the heating savings from being able to insulate over the IC-F rated 9W LED Downlight.

  • Ecobulb Intelligent Downlight

    Ecobulb Intelligent Downlight

    Intelligent Downlight features include:

    • IC-F Rated - Ultra low case temperature of less than 50°C making it suitable to insulate over the luminaire.
    • Fully Sealed - Preventing heat loss into the roof cavity keeping your rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
    • Ideal Replacement - 90mm cutout suitable for both the retrofit or new build market for halogen and incandescent downlights requiring zero clearance.
    • Night Mode - a nightlight which is ideal for kids’ bedrooms or lighting the hallway.

    These combined features can reduce home heating costs by up to two-thirds when compared to traditional incandescent downlights and make Ecobulb Intelligent the first choice when replacing traditional downlights.

    NZ Design Appln No. 420746

    One remote control comes complimentary with every 10 Intelligent Ecobulb Downlights, more can be purchased if required for your use.