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Energy Mad is the home of the world-famous Ecobulb®. We're focused on making lives better by saving enough energy to power New Zealand!

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Energy Mad is a New Zealand company that designs, manufactures and sells energy efficient lighting under the Ecobulb® and Ecospiral® (in North America) brands.

Energy Mad's Ecobulbs® incorporate unique, patent protected features which are highly valuable to electricity utilities and residential and commercial consumers. Working in partnership with electricity utilities enables Energy Mad to reach large numbers of consumers. This proven and innovative channel to market has seen Energy Mad complete 37 major projects with New Zealand electricity utilities, resulting in Ecobulbs® being installed in 57% of New Zealand homes.

As a result, Energy Mad grew rapidly and was New Zealand's fastest growing company in 2007 with 2,746% growth.

More recently, Energy Mad has delivered increasingly large Ecobulb® projects and sales in countries that include Australia, the United States, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, and the Cook Islands.

Energy Mad completed an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in October 2011 to list on the main board of the New Zealand Stock Exchange under the ticker code "MAD".

You can find out more about investing in Energy Mad by clicking here to download our Investment Statement and Prospectus. You can also find out more by contacting your Financial Adviser.

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To find out more about the innovative Ecobulb® products available please visit the the Ecobulb® website in your region:


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